River Stories

River Stories

10th March 2016

Easter at SFC

Saturday 19th: We'll be on Sutton High Street with our puppets and handing out Easter Eggs from 11am - 1pm

Good Friday 25th: A time of reflective prayer at Highfield Hall - Time TBC

Easter Sunday 27th: Join us for an Easter celebration with hot cross buns, puppets, easter egg hunt and more... at Highfield Hall 10:30am

Steve Musters

Posted by Steve Musters

9th March 2016

Homeless Outreach 1

Saturday 13th January was very cold, a much colder evening than the last one in December. Travelling up was good fun as we bussed and tubed and spoke about all the people that we might see again since the last time.

Key events:
• We saw a young girl of 21 been on the streets for 5 months. She was very cold and lonely. She had spoken to the police who had said that there was no money in the system. She had tried for hours that same day to contact hostels and get help. We called Street Link and after a lengthy conversation, they said the outreach team would come out and assess her and take her to the hub. We continued to pray she had been picked up.
•We saw lots of homeless people across the road from Charing Cross Station, we split into two groups and the group who crossed the road gave out all their food within an hour.
•We saw a guy sitting by himself, very cold but grateful for food and water. He was waiting to go into a hostel on Tuesday but had all his warm clothes and sleeping bag stolen night before. He was suffering from flu so we prayed for him as we walked.
•We met a guy with cerebral palsy. We had seen him last time we came out, very scared and frightened but appears to have been helped before. Referred him to street link.
•We walked to Covent Garden. We saw a guy reading his paper, he had many bags but didn’t need food and water, just wanted to chat.
•We went into Charing Cross Station, and saw lots of people sheltering from the rain down there. We didn’t feel that safe so came out again.
•As we were leaving to get the bus I spotted another 15 homeless people getting ready to sleep for the night. We gave out the rest of our food and they again appreciated the chat.
•We saw a guy who looked very ill, shivering in the corner of Charing Cross Station. We had run out of water so bought him a coffee and some warm food.
•We gave a guy a link to The Salvation Army who can help by giving him an address for work letters.
•We met lots of grateful people who said thank you!

Thank you's:
Thank you so much for everyone's support in making this happen. What we are doing is a small offering but, to the people on the streets, it's something much bigger. We are just a group of people that care and are giving up some time for them. A simple 'hello' to them is an acknowledgement in a world where some of them are totally alone.

Steve Musters

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3rd September 2014


What a great weekend we had with Jonathan Conrathe. From 29-31 August we were joined by teams from different churches to recieve training and then to go out on Sutton High Street. We prayed for people and simply shared Jesus with them alongside puppet shows and face-painting. We also ran two 'healing' meetings on the Saturday night and Sunday morning.
The result? 11 people responded to the gospel with many more receiving healing - both physical and emotional. Highlights included watching a lady who had been wheelchair bound for years walk for the first time and a deaf person received their hearing. Not only was Sutton impacted but we have been too!

Steve Musters

Posted by Steve Musters