Vision & Values

Vision - What are we aiming for?

In the autumn of 2016 we changed our name to River Church Sutton to reflect who God was calling us to be. We believe we are to be a people full of His life-giving Spirit, overflowing into our borough – bringing life, hope and healing to the nations.

Our vision can be broken down into three elements:

SOURCE – Every river has its source. We believe Jesus Christ is the source of life, healing and salvation (Ez. 47:1-12, Rev. 22:1,2). The Bible tells us that there is an open invitation to encounter His presence (John 4:13,14). As we respond to this, through repentance and acceptance of God’s love and forgiveness, so we are shaped and empowered to be the people He has called us to be.

COURSE - As we draw from the source so we become part of the river’s course. (John 7:38) But we are not solo swimmers! The Bible describes the Church as one body with many members each playing their part (1 Cor. 12:12). We may come from all walks of life and all have different backgrounds but we are united in Christ. Rivers are always on the move. Our heart is to be a church that is always moving forward with clear direction and purpose – together.

RESOURCE - Rivers impact their landscape. As part of the river of God, we become His resource to impact our world by the power of the Holy Spirit – preaching and sharing the good news of the gospel, healing the sick, helping the poor, making followers, welcoming the abandoned and setting people free. We are called to bring God’s hope and light in our workplaces, in our neighbourhood and in our streets, seeing gospel transformation in our community and indeed the nations (Acts 1:8).

Values - How will we get there?

By GRACE - We are motivated by God's grace towards us and want to build a church that is full of people who are gracious toward one another.

By GROWTH - We expect all our members to grow in spiritual maturity, growing in their knowledge and understanding of God and His purposes.

By GROUPS - We believe in the vital role of small groups in developing friendships and building community.

By GIFTS - We encourage each person to exercise and grow in their God-given spiritual gifts and natural talents for the benefit of the church and the wider community.

By GIVING - We worship a generous God and we believe giving cheerfully and sacrificially is all part of our worship to Him. As well as giving of our finances we give of our time and talents to serve God, build the church and see the kingdom of God grow.

By GOING - We believe in the Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. As a church, we aim to reach out to our neighbours, friends and community to express the gospel in all that we do and say.