River Church Sutton


Being part of a small group is a great way to develop friendships and grow in your faith.

Puddings and chat
Pudding and Chat will be starting on Monday 13th June from 7.30 onwards. Alternating Mondays from then. Open to everyone as an opportunity to share fellowship, get to know one another, and of course to enjoy some good puddings! The idea is that everyone brings some pudding. We may be inundated so depending on the response we may try to alternate or something. And please don't feel you can't come if bringing something sweet is difficult; come anyway, there will be plenty to share. I hope to have some cheese too in case someone doesn't have a sweet tooth. I will provide tea, coffee, cream, yoghurt and custard, so bring anything else you might want. Plenty of room for everyone, and in the garden too if it's a nice evening. It will help to have an idea of numbers coming, so please get in touch. For anyone wondering, mum has now passed away. Sad to have lost her, but she was ready to go to be with her Lord. Carolyn Hindmarsh 15 Kingsley Avenue, Sutton, SM1 3RE. Tel : 0208 6425535

20:00 (fortnightly)
Sutton, SM1 3RE, Contact Carolyn for details
Creative Worship
Our amazing God is THE creator, and having made us all in his image and likeness, he has made us all creative too! Our aim each week is to enjoy worshiping God through our different creative outlets. Whether you like drawing, painting, knitting, needlework, poetry or music, or simply sitting and being in his presence, we join each other to use our creative abilities to reflect our worship. Some weeks may have a more structured meeting, focussing on a particular scripture or theme, other weeks we will simply enjoy listening to worship music whilst undergoing our individual or joint craft activities. No skills or experience necessary. This isn't about 'perfect drawings' only heartfelt expressions of our time with the living God. This is a great opportunity to step out of our comfort zones, not only in our personal worship, but also by using our creative gifts to bless the wider church body - you never know how a simple picture or word could touch the heart of another member of our congregation!

20:00 (fortnightly)
Katie and Stuart's life group
Hello everyone, we are Stuart and Katie. Our heart is to love and care for our brothers and sisters in the church, and to provide a safe place to grow in faith. Our focus is on supporting each other with prayer and encouragement, we will also be starting each call with sharing testimonies of God's goodness to us and a time of sung worship using screenshared worship songs with lyrics from YouTube. We'll then have a time of Bible study together (we're currently going through our personal heroes of faith) We'd love for anyone to join us, please do speak to either of us to get the zoom link. We also have a group whatsApp, where we can encourage each other daily.

Daytime ladies group
We are a group of ladies who meet every week for praise worship and Bible study. We are studying Revelation at the moment. The group is co-led by Val Prior and Christine Roberts. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute when they feel comfortable. Visitors and new members are always welcome.

Rear Lounge, Highfield Hall, 320 Carshalton Road, Carshalton, SM5 3QB
Men's daytime group
The group meets every Wednesday at The Moon on the Hill at the top of the High Street between 10am and 12pm. The group consists of mainly older gentlemen although everyone is welcome to join us, we eat breakfast together and share our weekly life events and topics of a current nature and a religious nature. We are able to socialise with non-Christians as there are many individuals who are only to glad to have someone to talk to.

Moon on the Hill, Sutton High Street, SM1 1DZ
Hello and welcome to the badminton group. All ages and abilities are welcome to join and have some fun at the end of a busy week with all equipment provided. Alternatively come along and watch it's also a great way to connect and make new friendships.

Sports Hall, Highfield Hall, 320 Carshalton Road, Carshalton, SM5 3QB
Space to breathe
A space for you to breathe. A place for you as a carer to have space for you to be you! The amazing person that you are. Its a safe space to talk, let of steam, worship, pray and hear what God is saying.

4th Sunday of the month
Rear Lounge, Highfield Hall, 320 Carshalton Road, Carshalton, SM5 3QB
Sensible Shoes book club
Named after the book that had a big impact early on in the book club's existence, this monthly group is for women who want to grow closer to God through the study of books within a group setting. It gives a chance for women who may not otherwise have the opportunity to get to know one another, to share more deeply through discussion. We also often utilise a spiritual practise during the evening, such as imaginative reading of scripture, or lectio divinia (the slow, prayerful reading of scripture). We don't rush through books, so tend to take a good year or so to read one title (group members read the agreed amount in between meetings and come ready to share their insights). Because of this, it is not a termly group, but people are welcome to join just for one book if a particular title grabs their interest). We meet on the third Sunday evening of each month at 8pm in Highfield Hall Coffee Shop. In the past, we have gone away for a 24hr retreat, and hope to do that again. Do email Claire on cmusters@icloud.com or catch her at church if you want more info about the group - including the story behind the name!

20:00 (monthly)
Coffee Lounge, Highfield Hall, 320 Carshalton Road, Carshalton, SM5 3QB
The Engine Room
The Engine Room's purpose is to provide prayer sessions for those who require more time, and or, a confidential space to talk and pray about issues that are important to them. The Engine Room will be drawing on the living free principles. We will provide a male member of the prayer team when this is appropriate. There will be two people praying with you at each session. How do I book a slot? Sessions are booked by emailing the prayer@riverchurchsutton.org email address on our website.

19:00 2nd Sunday of every month
, 4 Station Approach, Carshalton, SM5 3RF

For more information about any of our Life Groups, or simply to get in touch with us, please use the details below.